WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) coming to Buffalo Infringement Festival

WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) is a new performance being developed by Donovan King for the 2016 Buffalo Infringement Festival and beyond.

WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) is a probing, theatrical lecture that exposes how corporate pressure co-opts and harms grassroots culture. Highlighting the infringement philosophy within the increasingly corporate world, where even the word “Fringe” is trademarked, it is also a call to action to come to the Montreal Infringement Festival in November,  2016. Help give voice to the concerns of activist and grassroots artists at the World Fringe Congress!


This year, Montreal infringement festival is moving from June to November to coincide with the third World Fringe Congress, a gathering of Fringe administrators from around the globe! These arts administrators and power-brokers will be in Montreal to discuss business dynamics and other issues surrounding Fringe Festivals.

Running tentatively from Tuesday, November 15th to Sunday November 20th, the Montreal infringement festival will demand positive change in the arts! The website will be updated soon to welcome collaborators.

Hosted by the people who trademarked and restricted the word “Fringe” in Canada, the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, the World Fringe Congress is an opportunity for arts activists to dialogue with arts administrators about important issues that affect artists and communities.

The infringement festival challenges the corporatization of authentic culture, including the Fringe movement, through dialogue, advocacy and by hosting independent performances by artists and activists that are often critical in nature. Read a critical report about the World Fringe Congress here.

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