World Infringement Congress to welcome delegates to Montreal on November 19, 2016!

August 20th, 2016


The first-ever World Infringement Congress is being held in Montreal on Saturday, November 19, 2016 as part of the 13th annual Montreal Infringement Festival!

Set on the heels of the controversial and exclusive third World Fringe Congress, the Infringement Congress was created to tackle important issues in the arts that tend to get glossed over at the original event, which tends to focus a lot on business practices. Instead of discussing business strategies like trademarking, cross-branding and charging artists money to play at “Fringe” festivals, the World Infringement Congress will focus on how to empower artists and communities by challenging corporate interference in the arts.


Set in an old bank that was reclaimed as an arts space, the World Infringement Congress will welcome academics, artists, activists and community stakeholders, as well as infringement festival organizers and “Fringe” managers. The purpose is to explore serious issues and themes in the arts and festivals with a view of finding ways to empower artists and communities. Here is the line up:

10:00 -10: 30 am – Breakfast & Introduction

10: 30 – 11:00 am – Trump, Globalization and Infringement (by Der Kosmonaut – Kasai Dear)

11:00 – 11:30 am – Arts in Point Saint Charles (by Fergus V. Keyes)

11:30 am – 12:30 pm – Buffalo Infringement presentation (by Cat McCarthy)

12:30 pm – 1:15 pm – Lunch Break

1:15 pm – 2:00  pm – Last Dance on the Main (Aristofanis Soulikias) & Save the Main (Velma Candyass)

2:00 pm – 3:15 pm – WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) by Donovan King

3:15 pm – 4 pm Fringe Trademark Debate Challenge: The Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, who excluded infringement artists from attending the World Fringe Congress, has been invited to debate their trademark on the word “Fringe”, Canadian Parliamentary style!

Running from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, November 19, 2016, the World Infringement Congress will feature lectures, presentations and screenings related to the activist themes. Catering will be provided and there will be a bar onsite for guests. The venue is located at 1900 Wellington Street in the historic working class neighborhood of Point Saint Charles.

Bank Pic

Instructions for attending

If you would like to attend the World Infringement Congress, please email to Donovan King at with the word “Congress” in the title. Apply early as space is limited!


Busses leave from the Charlevoix metro on the Green Line at around 9:40 am on Saturday mornings.

Bus 71 and Bus 57 will take you to the venue, located on the Corner of Wellington and Sainte-Madelaine Streets. A metro card can be used to transfer to the bus and costs $3.25.

You can also walk to the venue in about 15 minutes from the Charelovoix metro station.





CJAD Radio. “Dan Delmar Interviews Donovan King”. August 5, 2016.

August 9th, 2016

Listen to CJAD Radio’s Dan Delmar interview Donovan King about Haunted Montreal. August 5, 2016.


Montreal Infringement Festival moves to November to coincide with World Fringe Congress

June 19th, 2016

Exactly 16 years ago on this day (June 19), the St. Ambroise Fringe booted the innovative show “Car Stories” from the festival, allegedly on orders of a corporate sponsor. When artists didn’t receive their ticket sales after paying hefty fees to participate in the now-trademarked “Fringe” Festival, they were outraged. This sparked off the creation in Montreal of the infringement movement, an activist and do-it-yourself way of producing the arts based on the original Edinburgh Fringe of 1947.

Starting in 2004, the Montreal infringement festival has been held at the same time as the “Fringe” to provide artists with a no-cost alternative and to demand positive changes that better protect artists and their spectators from corporate interference and overzealous arts administrators.


This year, Montreal infringement festival is moving from June to November to coincide with the third World Fringe Congress, a gathering of Fringe administrators from around the planet! These arts administrators and power-brokers will be in Montreal to discuss the business dynamics surrounding Fringe Festivals, such as trademarking the word “fringe”, which corporate sponsors are the most profitable, “extra fees” to add onto ticket sales, how much money to charge the artists to perform, etc.

The infringement festival has participated at the first two World Fringe Congresses in Edinburgh, Scotland. In an effort to persuade Fringe administrators to start putting artists first, in the tradition of the original Fringe of 1947, infringement artists have presented workshops and performances at the Edinburgh Fringe and the World Fringe Congress that are critical of excessive corporate manipulation at Fringe Festivals. The New York Times baptized the infringement an “opposition party” to the present, questionable way of doing business at Fringe Festivals.

According to infringement founder Donovan King, “The fact that the Congress is being held in Montreal, the birthplace of the infringement movement, is an exciting opportunity to showcase what can happen when artists are put in charge of a festival and corporations are blocked from transforming it into a marketing opportunity. Let’s hope the Fringe administrators come with an open mind. By taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity, they can learn how to better protect artists and find ways to prevent corporations from compromising what was once an authentic, grassroots, artist-driven festival.”

Running from November 15 – 20, 2016, the Montreal infringement festival is currently courting collaborators and artists for its 13th annual edition. Details can be found on the Montreal Infringement Festival website.




Montréal Hanté annonce sa saison de Visites hantées – maintenant disponibles en anglais et en français!

May 17th, 2016

Montréal Hanté, une compagnie qui donne des Visites hantées et qui enquête sur l’activité paranormale à Montréal est ravie d’annoncer qu’elles sont offertes maintenant en anglais et en français !

Pour la saison Grand Public 2016, les Visites hantées seront en alternance au Mont-Royal et au Griffintown, les vendredis soirs du 3 juin au 7 octobre.

Haunted Mountain pic

‘‘Montréal hanté s’agrandit,’’ affirme le fondateur, Donovan King ; ‘‘pendant l’hiver, nous avons traduit les textes, et embauché des comédiens bilingues. Ce qui a commencé par une personne est devenu maintenant une compagnie à part entière. Montréal hanté se veut prêt pour le 375e anniversaire de la ville en 2017, ce qui signifie offrir nos visites hantées dans les deux langues grâce à des acteurs professionnels, maîtres du métier.’’

La compagnie produit aussi le blogue Montréal hanté, une publication qui poste une nouvelle histoire sur les fantômes de Montréal, dans les deux langues, le 13 de chaque mois. L’édition de mai explore l’activité rapportée au Théâtre du Nouveau Monde.

Selon King : ‘‘Montréal est la ville la plus hantée du Canada, et Montréal hanté vise à offrir une expérience exceptionnelle aux personnes intéressées par nos histoires de revenants, nos lieux de frissons et nos présumés mystères paranormaux.’’

McTavish Old Pic

Liens vers le site Web de  Montréal Hanté:


Circuits 2016

Griffintown hanté

Haunted Downtown FR

Le Mont hanté




Contact FR

Haunted Montreal announces season of Ghost Walks – now available in both English and French!

May 17th, 2016

Haunted Montreal, a company that conducts Ghost Walks and carries out research into Montreal hauntings, is pleased to announce that it now offers tours in both English and French!

For its 2016 public season, Ghost Walks will alternate between Griffintown and Mount Royal every Friday night, from June 3rd to October 7th.

Haunted Mountain pic

“Haunted Montreal is expanding,” said company founder Donovan King, adding: “Over the winter, we have been busy translating scripts and hiring bilingual actors. What started off as a one-person operation is now a full-fledged company. Haunted Montreal wants to be ready for the city’s 375th anniversary in 2017, and that means ensuring we can offer our ghost tours in both languages with professional actors who have mastered the craft.”

The company also produces the Haunted Montreal Blog, a publication that releases a new Montreal ghost story, in both languages, on the 13th of every month. The May edition looks at several reported hauntings inside the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde.

“Montreal is Canada’s most haunted city,” according to King, “and Haunted Montreal aims to provide an exceptional experience for people interested in our city’s ghost stories, creepy locations, alleged hauntings and paranormal mysteries.”

McTavish Old Pic

Links to the Haunted Montreal website:


2016 Tours

Haunted Griff

Haunted Downtown

Haunted Mountain





Montreal Irish Walking Tour is Back to Complement Annual Walk to the Stone!

May 11th, 2016

The Montreal Irish Walking Tour is back, just in time to complement this year’s annual “Walk to the Stone”!

Irish Walk 4

For over 150 years, the Ancient Order of Hibernians (AOH) has been leading this pilgrimage to the Irish Stone at the foot of the Victoria Bridge, the site of Montreal’s Irish Famine Cemetery where approximately 6,000 typhus victims were buried in mass graves in 1847.

Traditionally held on the last Sunday in May, the 2016 the “Walk to the Stone” will take place on May 29 at around noon, starting at St. Gabriel’s Church in Point Saint Charles (2157 Centre Street) following a special service. Everyone is welcome to attend and catering is being provided by Paul Quinn of the Irish Embassy Pub.


To add context to the annual pilgrimage, the Montreal Irish Walking Tour will be conducted one day before the traditional “Walk to the Stone”. Created by professional actor and historian Donovan King, the Montreal Irish Walking Tour sold out during the 2016 Blue Metropolis Festival, where it was done on behalf of the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation and Montreal Bloomsday Festival.

The original tour was very popular and was even covered by the Irish Times. According to King, “There have been many requests to do it again and even to make it a permanent feature on Montreal’s tourist circuit. As such, we decided to do it again, especially for those who plan to participate in the Walk to the Stone on the following day.”

King is also a Director with the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation, an organization dedicated to creating a cultural memorial park on the site of the Famine Cemetery, presently located in an unsightly industrial zone.


The walking tour provides a history lesson into the Irish experience in Montreal over the centuries, and features famous Irish Montrealers such as Tec Aubry, Joe Beef, Bernard Devlin, Mary Gallagher, Brian Mulroney and current Mayor, Denis Coderre. It also focuses specifically on the plight of the Famine refugees who arrived in 1847, destitute and typhus-stricken, and how the city reacted to them.

Exploring what is perhaps the darkest chapter in Montreal’s history, the walking tour delves into some very disturbing facts about the impact of the Irish Famine in Montreal, but also highlights the compassion of the many Montrealers who put themselves at great risk to care for the sick and dying refugees. Mayor John Easton Mills might be the best example.


Mayor Mills personally cared for the refugees in the fever sheds, caught typhus and perished in the course of his duties.

Guests will walk in the footsteps of the Irish Famine refugees of 1847 and learn about their plight, resilience and subsequent remarkable accomplishments. All proceeds from the Montreal Irish Walking Tour go directly to the Montreal Irish Monument Park Foundation.

WHAT: Montreal Irish Walking Tour

WHEN: Saturday, May 28, 2016 at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Meet in front of Pointe-à-Callière Museum (350 Place Royale, corner of de la Commune)

COST: $15 (email to make a reservation)

Irish Walk 6

For more information about the Irish Famine’s impact in Montreal, please read this academic paper about the Montreal Irish community’s struggle to protect their cemetery.


WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) coming to Buffalo Infringement Festival

May 1st, 2016

WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) is a new performance being developed by Donovan King for the 2016 Buffalo Infringement Festival and beyond.

WTF?! (What the Fr*nge?!) is a probing, theatrical lecture that exposes how corporate pressure co-opts and harms grassroots culture. Highlighting the infringement philosophy within the increasingly corporate world, where even the word “Fringe” is trademarked, it is also a call to action to come to the Montreal Infringement Festival in November,  2016. Help give voice to the concerns of activist and grassroots artists at the World Fringe Congress!


This year, Montreal infringement festival is moving from June to November to coincide with the third World Fringe Congress, a gathering of Fringe administrators from around the globe! These arts administrators and power-brokers will be in Montreal to discuss business dynamics and other issues surrounding Fringe Festivals.

Running tentatively from Tuesday, November 15th to Sunday November 20th, the Montreal infringement festival will demand positive change in the arts! The website will be updated soon to welcome collaborators.

Hosted by the people who trademarked and restricted the word “Fringe” in Canada, the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals, the World Fringe Congress is an opportunity for arts activists to dialogue with arts administrators about important issues that affect artists and communities.

The infringement festival challenges the corporatization of authentic culture, including the Fringe movement, through dialogue, advocacy and by hosting independent performances by artists and activists that are often critical in nature. Read a critical report about the World Fringe Congress here.

CBC Radio: Donovan King discusses refugees and education in Quebec

November 30th, 2015

Listen to Donovan King discuss refugees and education in Quebec on CBC Radio (recorded on November 30th, 2015):



Haunted Montreal creates new Griffintown Ghost Walk for Hallowe’en!

October 4th, 2015

This Hallowe’en season, Montrealers are invited to Haunted Griffintown, a new ghost walk by Haunted Montreal for the 2015 Hallowe’en Season!

On the heels of the highly-successful Haunted Mountain and Haunted Downtown Montreal tours, which have been running since May, the newly-researched ghost walk in the Griff that is sure to raise eyebrows and tingle spines!

BW St Ann Stone

Griffintown is one of Montreal’s most historic neighborhoods – and one of its most haunted! The Haunted Griffintown Ghost Walk visits mysterious ruins, abandoned tunnels, a polluted canal, former Black ’47 burial pits and creepy old buildings that are said to be haunted. A vacant, decrepit brewery hosts psychics in search of a murdered girl, a condominium reminds locals of its past as a chocolate factory, and the ghostly ruins of St. Ann’s Church have witnessed paranormal activity.

Dow BW

The tour visits the Peel Basin, the site of many drownings over the years, including one recent case that may be connected to a will-o’-the-wisp – or a serial killer. Those attending will also learn the conspiracy theory surrounding Montreal’s worst air disaster, when a Liberator Bomber slammed into Griffintown during WW II, killing 15 people – and the hauntings related to it.

Finally, guests will be regaled with Montreal’s most famous ghost story, the deranged tale of Mary Gallagher, the headless prostitute. Mary was murdered and decapitated by her best friend, Susie Kennedy, in 1876 and her headless ghost is said to return to the Griff every seven years, still searching for her head.


Led by professional actor and storyteller Donovan King, this haunted walk is sure to please ghost hunters, history buffs and Hallowe’en lovers with its creepy tales of the spirits and paranormal activity haunting Griffintown.

The Haunted Griffintown ghost walk starts at the Griffintown Café (1378 rue Notre Dame Ouest, a few blocks south of Lucien L’Allier Metro) and guests have the option to dine in the artistic bistro-pub before the tour. Tours begin at 8 pm sharp on the following dates:

Friday, October 16

Saturday, October 17

Friday, October 23

Saturday, October 24

Friday, October 30

Saturday, October 31

The Griffintown Café is a lively, artistic bistro-pub. It has an excellent menu and a restaurant license (food must be purchased to drink alcohol). For patrons wishing to dine or have a drink and tapas before the Ghost Walk, Haunted Montreal recommends the Griffintown Café very highly. To make dinner reservations (6 or 6:30 pm is advisable) please call 514-931-5299 or contact the Griffintown Café  online.

For the Hallowe’en Season, Haunted Montreal will also offer final tours of Haunted Downtown (October 18) and Haunted Mountain (October 25), which have been running all summer long.

Swing Bridge BW

Car Stories gunning its engine for 2015 Buffalo Infringement Festival!

July 28th, 2015

Car Stories is coming once again to the Buffalo Infringement Festival!

Created in Montreal in 2001 and promptly kicked out of the so-called St. Ambroise Fringe Festival after a corporate sponsor was offended, Car Stories had to quit the corporate Fringe and redesign the game. As such, the infringement festival was born in 2004 to prevent corporate behaviour from ruining the arts. Car Stories has been playing infringement festivals ever since!

For the 11th annual Buffalo Infringement Festival, Car Stories will once again gun its engines in Allentown and welcome both performers and spectators into this theatrical wonderland!

Performers are welcome to bring their cars, ideas and zany characters to create the performance. Email Donovan King at to learn how to get involved or just show up at Nietzsche’s at 3 pm on Friday, July 31st! Car Stories is the sum of all the parts put in by local artists, so feel free to jump right in!

car stories

Spectators are advised to look at the schedule and to reserve their spots:


Fri, Jul 31 4pm – 7pm Nietzsche’s (out front)
Sat, Aug 1 4pm – 7pm Nietzsche’s (out front)
Sun, Aug 2 4pm – 7pm Nietzsche’s (out front)

Details, including how to reserve your spot, can be found here. All performances are pay-what you can.

To learn more about the origins of the infringement festival and its issue with corporate takeover of Fringe Festivals across the world, please read this Critical Report from the World Fringe Congress.